How I Save Money To Travel


Let’s be honest…

Traveling ain’t cheap. Well, everyone knows that. Especially being in my early 20’s, I’m just getting into adult-hood where I’m starting realize all the responsibilities that require more money. So how do I save up to travel?

I’ve always been pretty conscious of how I spend money. I’m not a very materialistic person. I don’t need the newest iPhone or tablet and I’m not a very big shopper. Don’t get me wrong, I love going out and having a good time with friends, but recently saving up for travel has become a major priority in my life.

Right now I’m still living at home and luckily I don’t have any bills to pay (thanks, mom). Most people my age want to be independent and be living on their own and be full-blown adults by the age of 25. What’s the rush? I honestly don’t mind still living at home at 23 with no bills or rent to pay. I understand I choose to live in this situation, but personally I have no reason to leave my parents and have my own place, especially if I want to be traveling as often as I want to.

Currently for work, I’m nannying for two little boys and have a part time job at a health food store. Each week I put more than half (yes, MORE THAN HALF)  my paycheck into a savings account. The rest is for food and gas mostly. On occasion I still go out and will spend a few bucks to have a good time, but sometimes I will turn down nights out just to put that little bit of money aside. Most of my friends and I are starting to slow down from the party scene anyway, so something as simple as not going out every single weekend spending money out at the bars has saved me a lot.

My diet is very restricted, so I’m not able to eat out at most restaurants or fast food places, which honestly is no issue for me. I’ve saved so much 3ad9afa5ea900174e80c50211c400046money from not eating out and switched to cooking my own food. This is probably one of the easiest ways to cut back on expenses tremendously if you’re trying to save for travel, plus it’ll make you a lot healthier! Another way I’ve been saving money recently is by selling a bunch of old stuff I don’t use anymore. I’ve taken my old clothes to Plateo’s Closet, sold old furniture and electronics on Craigslist, and have been picking up more hours with the nannying and at the health food store.

Although these arn’t dramatic changes, its helped me save a lot more money than I thought I could just by changing a few simple things in my lifestyle.

So here’s a quick breakdown on how I save for travel:

  • Not upgrading to the newest technology
  • Living at home (it makes my mom happy at least)
  • Work, work, work – picking up extra shifts and hours at work
  • Drinking before I go out or not drinking at all – if I don’t drink at all, it’s not a huge sacarifice, plus drinks at the bar are crazy expensive
  • Getting rid of any extra bills – I’ve been trying really hard the past couple of months to pay off my credit card bill to get that out of the way, this way I don’t have to worry about monthly payments while I’m away
  • Selling my stuff I don’t need or use anymore
  • Selling artwork – I recently got back into painting, and know that would be a great way to earn a few extra bucks

In my opinion, it’s not that hard to save, just being smart and know that every little penny you tuck away will be worth that trip. Yeah it might take a few months or even a year or two, but the more you save means the longer you can stay somewhere. I’ve been saving for over 3 years now and I’m about ready to take that year off to travel. The experiences are WAY MORE valuable than any materialistic item will ever be.

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