Visiting The Big Apple


Wow, what a week!


I really underestimated how busy I was going to be. And how much walking I was going to do! But I’m really glad I made the most out of my week in New York. I’m pretty certain I did all the “absolute must do’s” while there, and even then there was so much to do.

First Night At Bar Nine

My friend whom I was staying with insisted we check out this bar between 53rd & 54th St called Bar Nine. We showed up in time for the dueling pianos show. Now my first instinct was “Two guys playing piano at a bar? That seems kind of lame isn’t it?,” but this place gave off such a fun vibe once the music started. These raunchy but talented men sang songs from mainly the 80’s and 90’s while also taking requests from the audience. Since I was celebrating my birthday that week, I got pulled on stage to sing along and take some shots. If you wanted to enjoy a more quiet and private time here, there’s a small room in the back with pool tables and ski ball. Overall the prices on the drinks weren’t terrible, considering it was New York I expected to pay average $8 for a beer. But the scene is great and somewhere I would recommend anyone visiting in town to get together with friends and listen to some live music!

Emotional Visit to The 9/11 Memorial

The Statue of Liberty

Walking Through Times Square/Wicked on Broadway

Bike Riding Through Central Park

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