Visiting The Big Apple


Wow, what a week!


I really underestimated how busy I was going to be. And how much walking I was going to do! But I’m really glad I made the most out of my week in New York. I’m pretty certain I did all the “absolute must do’s” while there, and even then there was so much to do.

First Night At Bar Nine

My friend whom I was staying with insisted we check out this bar between 53rd & 54th St called Bar Nine. We showed up in time for the dueling pianos show. Now my first instinct was “Two guys playing piano at a bar? That seems kind of lame isn’t it?,” but this place gave off such a fun vibe once the music started. These raunchy but talented men sang songs from mainly the 80’s and 90’s while also taking requests from the audience. Since I was celebrating my birthday that week, I got pulled on stage to sing along and take some shots. If you wanted to enjoy a more quiet and private time here, there’s a small room in the back with pool tables and ski ball. Overall the prices on the drinks weren’t terrible, considering it was New York I expected to pay average $8 for a beer. But the scene is great and somewhere I would recommend anyone visiting in town to get together with friends and listen to some live music!

Emotional Visit to The 9/11 Memorial

The Statue of Liberty

Walking Through Times Square/Wicked on Broadway

Bike Riding Through Central Park

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I’m Going To New York!

new york

Ah, the big city! Well, bigger than Chicago.

Although I already live near a big city, New York is it’s own unique place. As of recently I’ve grown past the “city girl” title, but there’s just something about the tall buildings, busy traffic, and fast pace lifestyle that will always be something I can never get out of my roots.

This won’t be my first time visiting the Big Apple. I went once with my older sister when I was 13, but surprisingly don’t remember it too much. Of course being much younger, I didn’t appreciate all there’s to see in New York. So this will be like my first time all over again. I’m not naturally a big tourist, but this is one exception with all the sites and history that lies there, my camera won’t leave my hands. And lucky for me, I’ll have some close friends to show me around the best spots.

It’s been almost 3 months since my trip to Costa Rica, so the gang and I have decided that it’s time for a reunion. A since a majority of the people I vacationed with live in or either close to New York, I thought what an awesome way for all of us to reconnect by spending a full week in the

There are tons of things to do in New York. And I mean TONS. Enough that one week is barely enough to see it all. But the plan is to try to see the big attractions, like the Statue of Liberty, the 911 Memorial, walk around Madison Square Garden, and get to witness Times Square during the busiest time of the day. Of course ride a few ferries, see a Broadway, and hopefully catch a Jimmy Fallon show.

I also thought what a good idea it would be to start my first vlog there! And to be honest, I feel it’ll be a little awkward at first holding a camera in front of my face while I walk around the city, but if the selfie stick is socially acceptable, it won’t be so weird and is something I’ll easily get used to. I’m excited to bring my new Canon camera there as well. I feel like New York is the best place to bring a camera.

I can’t wait to experience this city and will have many more posts when I get back!

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